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Here are tonight’s pictures. It’s turning into quite a saga, isn’t it?

To recap, I made a puller to tension the flywheel and was intending to heat it whilst under tension. After I put a tension on the puller I thought that I’d tap the puller with a copper mallet and to my surprise the puller became loose. I kept turning and the flywheel kept coming- it’s not on a taper as in usual practice but is on a parallel shaft with a steel key, all held together with a large nut on a left-handed thread.

The flywheel does have a number cast into it, but it’s probably an “off-the-shelf” item that has been modified to fit this engine.

Once the flywheel was off it gave access to three screws that held the rear half of the cowling on. After removing this, four nuts came off easily and the main bearing/oil seal carrier was taken off to reveal a ball race behind.

I’ve left the rest for another night and filled the bore with WD40 to soak through and hopefully free the piston.

Have a look at the latest photo’s.