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Further missing items were the plates bolted to both sides of the engine fan cowling (Simar 0129). Peter Roat was able to supply dimensions and photo’s of those fitted to his machine, allowing me to make suitable replacements. The rear fuel tank support (Simar 0130) is bolted to the steering column by two M8 x 16 long set screws. The fuel tank is strapped down to the top of the rear support and to the underside of the front engine cowling (Simar 0131). Both fuel tank straps had to be remanufactured as the originals were beyond repair. I placed a thin strip of Neoprene rubber between each strap and the tank. The fuel sediment trap, which also includes the fuel shut off tap, was screwed into the 1/4″ BSP fitting on the underside of the tank (Simar 0132). For the cast air intake elbow which is attached to the underside of the fuel tank, it was Charlie Moore to the rescue again with a replacement (Simar 0133). My machine had at some point been fitted with a different carburettor, which included a choke mechanism. The correct specification Amal 244/544 carburettor now fitted has no choke, this instead being housed inside the air intake elbow (Simar 0134). When the carb was changed, the original intake elbow had been modified by removing the choke butterfly and the cross shaft holes threaded so they could be blanked off by screwing in bolts. The elbow is attached to the tank via a collar (Simar 0135), which also required repairing as one of the M6 studs was broken.