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September 24, 2013 in Club News

After a year of planning, head scratching and considering many many options available, the new VHGMC website is here! This has been no easy task, in order to do everything that’s currently required, the website brings to you more options than ever before and makes this the one-stop place for all things relating to vintage horticultural machinery. 

Did I say one-stop? Well this is the place to organize your machinery photos or indeed videos all in your own galleries, create a group of friends, and also keep a timeline of what you are doing with your hobby. You can send messages to friends, comment on their updates, discuss topics in the forum and many other options. This keeps all your hobby related information in one easy place to share – rather than having it scattered across many website services. 

We have also added news articles to the site, so if you have something of interest them we can put it on there for you. And if you are wanting something extra to read then back issues of The Cultivator are available to download free for paid members.

Currently we have pushed the  technology as far as we can, in fact there are a couple of items I wanted to do but the solutions aren’t there yet! Although we do have many other things to add and try and you may notice some tell-tale signs on the site.  

If you have any questions then you can contact me at @alan (how brilliant is that? Just click on @alan and then click on ‘Private Message’  to the right of my avatar picture) or through the ‘contact’ page, there’s also some info about the website at tractorbox too. <

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