Homepage Images

Below are a selection of images that have appeared on the homepage over the last few years. These images are usually the first thing visitor to the website see.

They are for the four sections: 1:Hand tools, 2:Ride-on-machines, 3:Walk behind machines, 4:Gallery and advertising

We are always on the lookout for interesting images and several photos used have been from member submissions, thank you for those.

Technical specifications are: 

-The finished image size as displayed on the website is 716 x 428 pixels – digital camera images are in excess of this anyway and a large image that can be cropped down is ideal. The image examples below are just thumbnail images, check the homepage to see the full size images.  
-Images should be crisp, clear and sharp with at least 96 dpi (dots per inch).
-Jpeg file format.
-Image needs to have an uncluttered or simple background, or something like a garden or driveway, or an interesting background that lends to it’s location such as showground, ploughing match etc. 
-No identifiable people in the image without their consent. 
-Member name (if requested by member) will be credited on the image. 

If you’d like to share a photo for inclusion on the homepage of VHGMC then they can be sent to VHGMCphotos@outlook.com