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    hello all

    I am just about to purchase a singe speed trusty. Has any one got a parts manual / operators manual?
    What I would most like to see is how the reverse gear / set up works with a view to retro fitting it. Many many years of engineering and modifications in the heavy plant game so not some thing that would phase me.
    I intend to use the trusty for a large veg garden as well as skidding out spruce trees from a plantation that I want to sympathetically thin out.

    Look forward to talking to you all



    The Safety Reverse version of the single speed tractor was built on the production line as such. It is possible to convert a single speed tractor but you will need the Safety Reverse gearbox which has both dog clutches inside it as well as the forward and reverse gears. As you will know already the single speed tractor has no gearbox at all, just two dog clutches on a countershaft which engage and disengage each wheel.

    There is no spare parts listing which covers the Safety Reverse version as it was an optional extra. Operator’s manuals are available in reprint form- try B.J.Sims or Classic Tractor Books.

    If you definitely want a reverse gear your best option would be to keep your eyes open for a 3-speed tractor which are more numerous and were produced over a longer timespan.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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