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    I am investigating getting a batch of metal floats manufactured for the Amal 244 carburettor used on Ransomes MG crawlers.

    Indicated costs would be £80.00 so need to see what people think.

    Please let me know.



    Neil, I wonder what other machines used that same carburettor or at least the same float?


    You are correct Apart from the MG2, MG5 and some MG6 there were a number of mowers and the Ransomes overgreen fitted with versions of the 244 and model 15 Amal carburettors which all use the same float.
    I really need to consider the demand carefully as based on the minimum order and tooling costs the financial outlay is considerable. I have also just committed to tooling for a batch of fuel pump glass bowls for the MG5 and MG6 engines. (I still have glass bowls for the MG2 Autoklean filter)
    As and when I get anything I will put them for sale in the cultivator.
    One day I will retire !!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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