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    I have a look on Talking Pictures channel no81 and they seem to use old information films as infill items one the other day on the “Drought of 1959” showed film of reservoirs at low level with flooded villages being seen and machinery undertaking maintenance work with low water levels. It then went through the process of water treatment and when it came to filtration showed Ransomes MG based sand skimmers and dumpers working in the filter beds.
    Another old film with a Devon farmer who had a day off to visit the County Agricultural Show and in amongst the machinery stands was one for the new Garner tractor.
    Have a look at the guide and record anything that sounds interesting to watch at your leisure.


    You are absolutely right, the short films that appear under the “Glimpses” title on Talking Pictures TV are real gems. Using them for fillers is a masterstroke and they can also be seen on YouTube under the title, “Look at Life”.


    There’s also quite a lot of British Pathe films on Youtube.

    Although nothing to do with horticulture, I’ve been watching the 1950s and 1960s British Pathe videos about caravans. The reason is that I’m trying to get Trusty220 to buy a 1959/60 vintage caravan and he’s putting up some resistance at present and I thought the vintage films might persuade him to go caravanning.

    Anyway, if anyone wants to spend a while watching various brilliant films then British Pathe and the Look at Life videos on Youtube are really worthwhile.


    The only way I’ll end up buying that caravan off you is if you fill it with expensive alcohol, particularly single malt whiskey. Your half-hearted attempt at filling it with Liebfraumilch and home-made Damson Wine simply wasn’t enough to sway the deal.

    You could always try Mr. Woollas!


    The British Pathe archive has a number of interesting films. I found one years ago ‘The horse a thing of the past’ which starts with a demonstration of various road sweeping and cleaning machines and ends (from 4:10 onwards) with a Rototiller 10 working on a football pitch, possibly Wembley.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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