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    Hi, I have a Shay garden cultivator my Dad bought in c1955, which was used constantly till about 20 years ago when the replacement silencer fell off, rust, after which it would not run, probably back-pressure. I need it again but have forgotten what the oil/petrol mix was, and also will any motorcycle silencer be OK, I should be able to weld one on to what is left of the fitting, or maybe even find one with a flange to fit. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and although I won’t be showing it, I’ll give it a coat of red, green and yellow paint when I rebuild it! Many thanks David (I have tried to attach a photo on one the same as mine that is for sale for £1k!!!)


    David, the fuel mixture should be 16:1 recommended oils were Castrol two stroke self mixing 30, Castrol XL etc.
    Before getting a new exhaust have you checked there is a spark at the plug and that fuel is getting to cylinder?


    Hi Many thanks for that. I did try it about three years ago and it fired, it always did, but the noise was deafening and I have a funny feeling that the neighbours wouldn’t be impressed. I’ll dismantle it and clean everything out then, knowing the oil/petrol mix, I can check it out and look online for a silencer. If it goes I’ll give it a coat of paint. I have a car in bits at the moment, but it will give me a variation! Many thanks again David


    I have 2 m/c’s that are going for scrap, the older type and the last type. one has a good silencer. I am in Sheffield
    The machines are free for collection if anyone is interested


    Hi Many thanks. I would have happily accepted your offer but I have SORNed my car. I have bought a second hand silencer for very little, if I can adapt it I will be OK, if not I may well have to come back to you. Many thanks again David

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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