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    Has anybody changed the tyres on a Monro Mk3, or removed them to repair a puncture? If so how did you get them back on the split rims again? Mine were a fight to remove, but I put that down to the rusty condition they were in. Unlike other split rims I have come across, these are aprox 95/5 (with the majority of the tyre on the 95% half of the wheel). Using tyre-levers to push the tyre down the rim is just about impossible. I have tried a small amount of Vaseline, but that didn’t really help – just made holding it difficult and everything slipped about. I don’t really want to give up and take them to the local Tyre changing facility, but at the moment that is what it is looking like!

    Regards (Frustrated)
    John E-W


    Photos show tyre fitting process step by step.
    1 place inner tube in tyre.
    2 place larger half of wheel face down on bench
    3 place tube and tyre on larger half of wheel with valve through hole in wheel
    4 turn wheel over and place smaller half of wheel over tyre, aligning holes in wheel halves.
    5 shows tyre only just starting to go on wheel, this is sufficient for following steps.
    6 with suitable nuts and bolts clamp the two halves of wheel together, no need to fully tighten.
    7 Gently inflate inner tube, the pressure will push the tyre onto the wheel, may go with a bang.
    8 Deflate inner tube then remove temporary bolts and fit the 3 screws that hold the two halves together, take care not to pinch the inner tube.
    Tyre can now be inflated to correct pressure.
    No need for tyre levers.


    Thanks Charlie I will give it a go and let yo know how I got on.

    John E-W


    Hi Charlie – worked like magic – only a slight “pop”. For somebody that has never fitted a tyre to a Mk3, you certainly provided the wherewithal to do it. Took about an hour to do both tyres. Only point to bear in mind is that you have to keep your wits about you to make sure the tyre is fitted in the right direction.

    Do you have any tweaks for removing the tyres from the rims, other than reversing the procedure and using the bolts in push mode, rather than pull mode – I will have to think about that.

    John E-W

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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