HELP! need to find parts for a Howard British Junior Engine!

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    Hi All

    I’ve recently bought a Howard British junior engine from a Howard Gem Rotavator, it’s purpose in life will be to power a 1907 style motorcycle I’m building, but I need either some parts for it, or another engine that I can use for parts, does anyone know how I may be able to find either of these things?, the main missing link is the crankshaft, aswell as the valve pushrods, the oil pump and dynamo are also missing but I may be converting it to a different oiling system so that may not be too bad

    If anyone could help I’d be extremely grateful




    Your best option is probably to buy another engine or Howard Gem for parts. The Gem would not have had a dynamo fitted.


    Thanks, yes I think I meant to say magneto
    that’s what I was thinking, just need to try and track one down


    One question why are you using at best a 1940’s engine for a 1907 Motorcycle? Surely you should be using a Bradbury engine,
    I happen to know where there are 2 such engines,which may become available,ideal for your project.
    This part is where I get my hands slapped Charlie! He’s a fully paid up member of the club!
    Mr Wallingfield
    Kind regards


    I wasn’t going for an exact replica, the dimensions of the Howard were right, it had the low revs I’m after, but an engine like a Bradbury would be ideal, if I could find one

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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