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    How is everyone getting on getting the parts they need. Despite the doom and gloom I see on the television what I am finding is that most suppliers are still working by mail order and out in the country shops are still open. Just had paint and rivets delivered as normal.

    Currently I am restoring a Howard Selectatilth for my neighbour. Finding it strange to keep having to use the engine hoist but the gearbox is just too heavy to lift by hand.

    I think we should if possible continue to purchase as this will help our community of suppliers in a small way. Does anyone have other thoughts. I want to be a responsible member of society and do the right thing but knowing what is right is not always easy.

    Could this be the year when the projects started long ago get completed as there is unlikely to be a show season this year.


    I think you are pretty much going along the right lines.
    Businesses need our support, particularly small, family run outfits who should be able to carry on with online orders, as long as the postal service keeps working, and the businesses are still able to obtain parts and materials themselves.
    I certainly think there will be many a long put off project being dusted off and finished this year!.
    I did see one genius idea today on Facebook, a chap in Australia is sorting out a virtual steam rally!, On the given day, everyone posts pictures/videos and information on their machines. Have a look at ‘virtual vintage machinery show’ if you’re interested.


    So long as we follow whatever government advice and guidelines are in place then everything else should be business as usual. I am sure the government will make decisions on businesses closing as and when they see it necessary eg yesterdays announcement regarding pubs, restaurants etc.
    Many if not all shows are likely to be cancelled this summer so the club forum will be a good way for members to keep in touch. I like the sound of a virtual rally.
    One area that will be problematic is buying stuff via adverts or e bay etc that needs collecting. What to do will need to be a joint decision made by buyer and seller. Current guidelines and advice regarding travel and social distancing would suggest not to.


    Paula and I are currently self isolating but still managing to ship parts.
    Generally if over 2kg I can currently get a courier to collect from my doorstep so no contact. Smaller items (less than 2kg) are a bit more difficult but our local shop who is also the Post Office are doing food order deliveries to the village so as long as I need something they are willing to take my packets from the step.
    I am not sure how long this situation will continue if the Government has to enforce a tighter control on people movements.
    Please all stay safe and well.


    Got to say that I’m amazed/shocked/disgusted at the number of people still listing large items like mowers, garden tractors, etc, on auction sites. I’m always on the look out for some classic garden machinery, but I think the boys in blue would not consider collecting a Howard Gem from the other side of the country as an essential journey!!
    I would have thought the auction sites would remove the option of listing items as collection only.



    I agree completely. I am keeping an eye out for spares but would only buy when there is delivery by post or courier.

    Just about to start 2 weeks of holiday in isolation and am looking forward to all of the projects that might get completed before the summer!

    Keep well and keep safe everyone.


    Its good to read that everyone is towing the line.The trouble is the Government is in un chartered waters,but we must keep our distance,unfortunately there is a higher percentage of older members in this hobby than young.
    I read what Busman says about large items being advertised for sale on internet sites,and it is fair to say,no you cannot collect or deliver,as is not essential,but its times like these that if you think out side the box,it is possible.
    I have a horticultural Business that is still working, it has to as it is one of the most important times of the year, we are working on remote sites but have to comply with Government guide lines and have the use of PPE.
    Yes the supply chain for spare parts are still open but wholes are appearing,on certain parts as when manufacturers are not working,which will have a knock on effect,when this pandemic is over.
    I have just come out of a meeting with a certain Mr Wallingfield!Using social distancing and our carriers.
    As we work on remote sites,we have arranged to pack full size rotavators on pallets to be shipped nationally.When ready the carrier collects,with everyone a safe distance away, and when delivery is done again there will be strict instructions,where by the carrier will leave the pallet in a pre determined place, IE a driveway,which will be pre agreed.
    It must be stressed,if seeds are not planted now you can forget vegetables in June on shop shelves!


    It is really good that you can still provide a very necessary service where needed and that the safety of those working in this environment can be accommodated. Part of the army of people trying to stop the economy completely collapsing.

    There does need to be common sense, though this can appear as uncommon sense at times, Commercial growers must be our priority and then domestically it is normally the case that the equipment used last year can be pressed into service again this year. I am seeing seed stocks locally depleted but not exhausted but I suspect this is normal growing season purchases with an extra load from new growers.

    I am blessed with an environment where I do not need to leave home except food, I am doubly blessed with a job where I have already been working from a home office for more than 15 years which is continuing unchanged, except I have been asked to take holiday earlier in the year. 2 weeks project work coming up which I am looking forward to. Perhaps some of those old projects saved for when I get time might be completed.

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