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    The February Cultivator was a good read with ideal cross section of items, however the Editor in his “Ramblings” did say that not a lot had come in and he had a bit of difficulty filling the issue.

    Some time back when a commercial publisher ceased publishing a dedicated magazine on our hobby and there was a lot of anguish on the Forum I thought there was a general consensus that the club members being quite a broad church of interests could submit articles, news etc for our very good Editor to compile.
    I realised I have been remiss in this as anybody else so I sent a couple of things to the Editor, so it is cold and wet outside why not put something together and send it to the Editor so he has a pile of stuff to draw from. It could be events attended, restorations, historical information etc.
    I think the Cultivator improves with every issue and it is for us the members to support the Editor and see that this continues, as my late father was apt to say “a little help is worth a lot of pity”.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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