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    To pass five minutes we’ve put together ten horticultural machinery questions, have a look and see how many you can get correct!

    Ten Machinery Questions

    …the link can also be found on the VHGMC homepage.

    If anyone feels that they could write a bit of text or a photo, a short story of how you got your prized machine or a small anecdote then please put fingers to keyboard and send in to The Cultivator editor as he’d be pleased to have your stories.

    I’m currently doing some research on garden tractors, I like to think this is passing the time wisely but unfortunately I’m easily sidetracked and would rather spend more time outside in the sunshine. Attached is a photo of the Case 80 we’ve been tinkering with.

    Enjoy the questions. Ten Machinery Questions

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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