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This was clearly a professional gang,not content to break in the van but then go onto break in to our sheds.They then followed on to 5 other properties in the village who are also Landscape gardeners and bloody well cleared 2 of them out!
Now let me remember Mr Prime Minister! We are sending in the Military to help with the flooding in Somerset, so what about all the villages around which are also suffering,why is there not more Police working the graveyard shift! I was told there is only 3 working the Chard area,yes and it was not our villages turn on Wednesday night!
Funny tonight there is plenty activity,but then there always will be after the horse has bolted.All the BBC can say is there is looting in the flooded properties in Somerset,if that is not a call for every low life to get free pickings,I don’t know what is.
Just remember tools are not covered in vans nor out houses or in lock ups not owned.
So Mr Prime Minister when you are in your next Cobra Meeting with the Insurance Companies ask them about tool insurance but I think you will find the answer on the door of the Meeting room (Cobblers not Cobra)