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Hi guys. Thanks very much for that info.
Andy, I get a nice strong spark, so I think that the coil is OK. I am loathe to spend another £60 on a coil if I don’t need it. I think that the timing is still a bit out so will adjust tomorrow.
Stuart, great info about the needle – I knew it was the mixture but could not find any info about adjustment.
I never split the crank case, so don’t really know about the crank bearings at the moment. There is a bit of vibration, so wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were worn. I’ll change them if I get further on with the machine. At least when it does run all the gearboxes seems to be working ok and I have both drive speeds and the tines working.
One last thing, I suspect that the brass arm that sits on the float and lifts the main inlet needle may be bent. Is there a measurement for setting the float lift? Is it worth renewing the needle and seating?
Thanks again.