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Hello Joe, I have , along with Alan Thacker, been involved with Carrington Rally for a number of years now and jointly we pioneered the horticultural machinery class which usually numbers 30 to 36 entrants. The daily format is that Saturday is the auction, usually 1200+ lots, plus large car boot and trader market. Sunday & Monday are show days. There is no club stand but we ring parade both days.
There are 2 Lancasters local to Carrington, one at the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at RAF Coningsby and the other at East Kirkby Aerodrome which is the Panton family collection. The BBMF Lancaster flies and the East Kirkby one taxis. Both organisations have excellent web sites.
Also local to Carrington are some working mills, the Sibsey Trader, the Maud Foster, also the Bubble Car Museum and of course the unique Boston Stump so plenty to see and do if you wish to make a week of it.
If you require an entry form let me have your postal address and I will forward one when they arrive–Steve