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Photos show tyre fitting process step by step.
1 place inner tube in tyre.
2 place larger half of wheel face down on bench
3 place tube and tyre on larger half of wheel with valve through hole in wheel
4 turn wheel over and place smaller half of wheel over tyre, aligning holes in wheel halves.
5 shows tyre only just starting to go on wheel, this is sufficient for following steps.
6 with suitable nuts and bolts clamp the two halves of wheel together, no need to fully tighten.
7 Gently inflate inner tube, the pressure will push the tyre onto the wheel, may go with a bang.
8 Deflate inner tube then remove temporary bolts and fit the 3 screws that hold the two halves together, take care not to pinch the inner tube.
Tyre can now be inflated to correct pressure.
No need for tyre levers.