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I did try a bit of choke and it does stop the hunting, I would rather it was running weak at the lower rev range as it would keep the temperature up but at the moment running it fast to keep the plug clean it gets very hot, so have to let it idle some while or it sounds like a bird scarer a few seconds after turning it off, then at the lower speed end being rich can’t be doing that left cylinder much good running rich at a nice sensible speed.I did take the top off the carb but never went any further, I was wondering if I could drop the float level but its got a plastic float, if it had a brass one could have bent its arm.I did ask if I could get one of the old carbs like off the japan made engine, but they said the manifolds are different so might not fit and with it being £5 short of £200 wouldn’t be to good if it didn’t fit.