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I did five years in the workshops of a Ransomes dealer in the Midlands back in the 80’s; we used to hire six Motor Triples to the local council and I did 12 months looking after the small fleet at one point before progressing onto the first of their hydraulic and electro-hydraulic machinery. I even PDI-ed the very last Motor Triple- a Kubota diesel engined version- which I think was sold to Solihull Council in about 1987-8.

I’ve now done thirty-plus years working in the industry as a mechanic progressing through to commercial sales and ending up as a hire manager with a Ransomes main dealer. Once a mechanic always a mechanic, and I always travelled about with my tools in the back of the truck so that if I came across a customer’s machine that wasn’t quite right I could show them how to set it up properly.

Unfortunately for you I’m still in The Midlands so we’ll have to keep going with the help on this forum. At least it may be a help to somebody else in the future.