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Off to South Cerney tomorrow for the weekend so I’ve been trying to get all of those loose ends tied up.

The glue had dried overnight in the holes and so I trimmed the excess wood off flush with the surface, re-drilled small pilot holes and screwed the side brackets onto the grassbox. This allowed me to then mount the carrying brackets onto the front chassis of the mower, then a quick lift each side and the box was on, secured with just one bolt each side. This style of grassbox would be far too heavy to manhandle when it was full and so it is permanently attached to the mower and the operator has to drive up to the pile of grass cuttings, dismount and then flip the box over to empty it. This operation alone would normally mean that a careless operator could easily misjudge his distance and put a dent in the front of the grassbox- this machine doesn’t look like it’s ever suffered in this way, so all credit to the operator(s) for looking after it so well since 1966.

If you’re going to South Cerney we’ll see you there!