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Early Lasers had Koehler engines, so the starting point is to determine what you have.
If the engine is cranking but not firing the plug the first step is to isolate the engine from the machine’s safety switches etc which could be “saying unsafe to start”.
This is where some engine info is needed as it’s necessary to identify the “ kill wire” that connects the engine’s ignition system from the machine’s key switch ( ignition switch) and the machine’s safety systems.
Once identified and disconnected it can then be determined whether you have an engine fault or a systems fault. NOTE If it’s a safety systems fault, with the kill wire disconnected, the engine will start but turning off the ignition key won’t stop it.
If, with the kill wire disconnected there is still no spark, you have an engine ignition system fault. If the engine is old enough to have a points ignition system, dirty points are the possible culprit. If it has an electronic system, life gets more complicated !