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Thanks, small world!
There were 3 Fisk brothers, my father worked for Jack, whose real name was Arthur. His brothers also had market gardens, one was George, who had a market garden in the same village; in the neighbouring village there was Henry (who I think might also have been known as Harry).
Yes, of course, in the very old days it was the cattlemarket site in the middle of the city (as a young girl my wife Fiona loved going to Norwich on a Saturday to see the cattle at the auction). The site now of Castle Mall shopping mall. By the time the markets moved to Harford Bridges this way of living was already in decline (as Jack says in the newspaper article).
Do you have any machines in your collection that belonged to your father (or even the Morris?)
What was your father’s name, there’s a (very) slim chance I might remember it, and where was his market garden?