GDPR- What we (VHGMC) are doing to safeguard your data

New legislation came into effect on May 25th, 2018. The VHGMC issues a policy statement, as below, so that members are in do doubt as to what we do with the information and requires an ‘opt in’ option at the bottom of this page.

The VHGMC club collects personal data from each member. This data consists of Title, Name, Address and Date of Birth. This is the minimum required to run a  club such as ours – obviously we need your name and address to send you copies of The Cultivator every year and the Date of Birth is required by the NFU who provide the Public Liability Insurance that we all need to show our machines in public. Additional information e.g. email address and user ID are recorded when registration is made on the club website to enable management of the website membership. 

Besides being in the possession of the Membership secretary, we have to share details with Lavenham press (done over a password protected data transfer link) and the Bickerstaffe Association of Vintage and Collectors Clubs (agents for the NFU insurance). we have received assurances from both of these bodies that they hold the information in a secure manner and do not share it with any third party.

The club magazine will contain advertisements from members and non-members with items for sale and details of events. 

Retention Policy. Members details are kept on file for five years before being discarded. This is a direct request from our insurers in case they have to act on a back-dated claim.

Access Request

Requests about how we keep the information and what we keep. All requests should be made to the membership secretary who must respond within 30 days to any requests for information and storage details. Should a club member wish to remove their data from our list then this should be completed without delay, but the member must realise that doing so will terminate their club membership from that time onwards. Membership secretary contact details can be found in each copy of The Cultivator magazine or be contacted through the ‘
Contact‘ tab at the top of this page.