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    That auction site that will remain nameless,and that little known site on there,thats always flogging items of rare Horticultural brochures.
    Prices,there is always a hush when items appear at inflated prices,but it has to be remembered that at the end of the day,its the market,and only the market which will judge.
    At the moment we are all living in strange times,or as some would say uncharted waters.
    It can be true to say that a lot that we collect,also still has a commercial value,even though as the case with Howard they have not been made for 30 odd years.
    I would suggest that some of the eye watering prices made are probably due to the fact,that Brexit has finally come about plus Covid 19,along with growing your own vegetables,and having a lot of time on your hands.
    Its interesting to note that all the rotavators we are shipping out across the country,could be classed as collectables,but are going to be used on allotments,and after talking to the buyers,we are finding that a lot are non members,but who are interested in joining,so perhaps good things may happen as well.
    Keep safe

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