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    I’m in need of a bit of help on the fitment of the knife coulter to the imp plough, mine will only seem to fit too far in land or an inch over the share. Were they fitted to the side of the beam or on the flat vertical bar next to the pivot. If anyone has a photo of how theirs is mounted correctly I’d appreciate it. Thank you.


    I can’t get to mine at the moment, it’s packed away at the back of the garage. What I do remember about it is that the knife coulter is attached to one side of the beam with a U-bolt, about three or four inches back from the plough point; the side of the beam that it attaches to has a round profile steel strip rivetted to it so that it will rock sideways when the U-bolt is slackened/tightened.

    To explain better, the U-bolt has two nuts which hold a clamping strip against the flat side of the knife. If you slacken one side and tighten the other it should have the effect of moving the knife sideways.

    I’m guessing that the rounded strip is missing from yours. Has anyone out there got an Imp plough that they can take a picture of?


    That makes sense, yes the rounded part is missing then but I think I have the correct u bolts and plates as they have a couple of notches pressed out on them. These now obviously locate the top of the knife centrally on the plate whilst it pivots. Thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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