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    Had a few hours of stress getting access and getting to grips with the new site and forum but thanks are due to the admin team for the time and effort that has gone into its creation. If I may have a personal wish it is for a “current topics” or “new posts” button on the forum so as to have a snapshot of what’s been added since the last visit – or have I missed something?


    I’m with you, need a current topics button, i have been looking but can’t see anything. There is a ‘freshness’ thingy but doesn’t do anything.


    I clicked on the time of last post link in the freshness column and it took me directly to the last post of this topic with no problem. We will find our way around – eventually.


    That’s part way there on a “per topic” basis but what I would like is one button access to all the new posts since I last logged in. Several sites that I subscribe to have “new posts” and “today’s posts” buttons.
    While we’re about it, how about an additional category of Shows and Rallies etc to separate the social and mechanical sides (Project, Pedestrian etc) from each other?


    New sections will be added at a later date.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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