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    Good Evening all. Relatively new here, so firstly hello! Secondly sorry for the long post!

    I have a small Merry Tiller collection and am in the process of going through a lot of it as I’ve suddenly got a lot of time on my hands with the current world situation… I’ve got 1 5hp Titan GT, 1 7hp Titan GT, 2 Project Titan GTs (currently not working), 2 standard Titans and 2 Majors. I’ve also got some scrap Briggs engines for spares. I’ve been going through the engines on the tillers, usually I try and buy non runners as it’s much cheaper. I have them all running now apart from the 2 project GTs. I have been impressed by the Briggs Magnetron Coils. The engines just seem to run better with them start easier etc so any engine I’ve got without spark I’ve been replacing with magnetron coils from my donor engine pile. I’ve now run out of spare Magnetron coils and was going to buy a couple for when the last few points engines start playing up. I’ve looked around and the genuine Briggs coil for the 5hp is about £40. A non genuine chinese sourced coil is about £20 from a UK stockist or £10 if bought directly from china. I wondered if anyone had used these chinese coils and could let me know how you got on. Is the timing correct on the chinese coil? Do they start and run right? and importantly do the coils last? I have genuine Briggs Magnetron coils from the 80s that work great so if a chinese coil is only going to last a year I’d rather spend the money on the genuine Briggs one if it’ll last 10 years then I’d probably go with the chinese one. I am a bit resentful of spending £40 on a coil, can nearly get a new Honda clone for that money! Trouble is they just don’t look right without a Briggs on them…


    i have used the clone coils with no problem. But i look out on the internet sites for used genuine ones from scrapped mowers. My titan gt has a 7hp briggs and that has a bigger version of the magnatron . If the paint has gone from the shroud and has no sticker you can tell the size by the number of bolts holding the shroud on, one bolt at the top 5hp two bolts at the top 7hp. Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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