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    I have a Colwood motor hoe belt drive no gearbox powered by J.A.P. engine steel wheel, how can I find date of manufacture ? or will it go off engine number ?


    Hello ted 20
    I too have a colwood with belt drive arrived yesterday is that not amazing
    Date will be easier using the jap dating list is yours a jap 2a that is what mine is hope this helps


    When I first started the Trusty Register I used the JAP engine dates to give a rough idea of age but you have to be careful that the machine hasn’t had a replacement engine during it’s lifetime.

    In the absence of accurate factory records it does help to make a collection of all known machine serial numbers, list them in numerical order and sprinkle a few JAP engine dates in the mix and you get a good idea of the age of the machinery.

    Steve Denness is the chap you need to speak to who runs the register for Colwoods; look his number up in The Cultivator.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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