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    To post photographs on these forum pages the file size must not exceed 5072KB. Modern digital cameras typically create files of 5MB or more, which can be far in excess of this limit.
    Before posting such files it is necessary to compress the file. Assuming Microsoft Office (Windows 7 or XP) is installed on your computer this can be done manually using picture manager as follows.
    On your computer find the photo file you want to compress, right click on the file name and select ‘open with’ then select ‘microsoft office picture manager’, the photo will now open in picture manager.
    Click on ‘picture’ in the menu bar at top of screen, then select ‘compress picture’. A menu box will open on right of screen, this gives a number of options under compress for; don’t compress (default), documents, web pages and e mail messages. Below this section it will give estimated file size. By selecting one of the options it will reduce file size, eg original of 5.57MB will reduce as follows; documents 541KB, web pages 103KB, e mail 13.2KB. Select the option that will give a file size of less than 3072KB. Click OK.
    On the menu bar at top of screen select ‘file’ then’ save as’; select file location (usually defaults to where photo came from) enter desired name for compressed file then click on save.
    You should now have a copy of the photo file that can be uploaded to this website.

    For Windows 10. Open photo, in top righthand corner of screen you will see three dots … click on these and a drop down menu appears. In that menu select resize. You then have 4 options, select the one that will bring file size within limits, eg M .Save resized file.


    Content revised to include Windows 10.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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