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    Hi all,

    I have just bought a BRL manual cylinder grinder and have no information on its use.
    Its quite a heavy machine and has a hand operated grinding head traversed along guide rails.
    The cylinder sits between centres but there is no way of powering its rotation, I’m assuming you move the cylinder under the grindstone one blade at a time.

    Any ideas about operation or set up would be much appreciated
    Thanks Mick


    You are correct in your assumption that it is a single blade grinder and the blades are moved or indexed under the grinding wheel one at a time. It can also be set up to reface the bottom blade or bedknife and it looks as it is set for that operation at present.
    For cylinder grinding it’s mounted between centres and each blade in turn rotated against an adjustable stop so as to present the cutting edge to the wheel at the correct angle while the wheel is traversed along its length.
    I’ve got another version of your machine that I use solely for bottom blades up to 24” and another model BRL that has 36” spin grinding capability as well as bottom blades.
    The original manufacturer of your machine was Blakesley and Reid who also made sharpening equipment for sheep shears. In the late 60s / 70s they became BRL and went through a couple of changes in ownership, finally disappearing in the 80s.
    My 36″ machine in action.


    Hi and thanks for the reply.

    The machine is not complete so I will be making collars etc to carry the cylinder i have to sharpen. Also any guides etc that might be needed.

    I’m hoping to find a copy of the instructions or at least a scan of them so I can set it up correctly.

    Does the cylinder turn against an indexing stop which is fitted at the side of the grind stone? I have a tool and cutter grinder that sharpens spiral Mills in that way.

    I’ve never looked at the blade geometry of a cylinder and bottom blade so getting the angles right will be my priority.

    My email is if you need to mail me direct with any answers to my wondering. It would be good to learn from someone who knows the nachine well.

    Best regards Mick

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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