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    Evesham was really turning up some good stuff the other day and I came across this instruction book and service parts listing for the Wico A magneto fitted to JAP engines. I’ve never seen another one; it is very useful for someone who messes around with Wico’s so you may want to keep your eyes open for one.

    In the meantime here it is in all it’s glory just in case you can’t find another!


    Considering the market gardening background to the area around Evesham I wonder what other treasure is waiting to be unearthed?


    It is probably all under concrete and legoland houses now Charlie, even if the land had been surveyed I don’t imagine old Horticultural items would be classified as treasure.


    Dear Hortiman,
    Treasure can come in all forms, to include Horticultural items, Evesham is a good place to look, but good treasure will never be left on the surface. Only last year we found an early Simar of 1919 – 1920, complete except for the engine missing. The year before we turned up a 1900’s Greens Silens Messor from 1900 in Malvern.
    The best places to look is where the Horticultural belts were in the past but have long since gone, try Hertfordshire which in the 1920’s was known as the sea of glass!
    Kind regards
    Big Ears


    In parts of The Vale of Evesham there are still plenty of old growers’ huts on the edges of fields. As the land has been sold off and absorbed into larger farms they have deteriorated, some have collapsed but there must still be some of “our” stuff out there- it just takes a bit more finding.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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