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821,823. Ratchet clutches. FOUR OAKS SPRAYING MACHINE CO. Ltd., and LUDFORD, L. Jan. 31, 1956 [Nov. 2, 1954], No. 31601/54. Class 80 (2). [Also in Group XXXI] In a vehicle having front wheels 2 driven from a prime mover through an axle 3, freewheel devices 9 permitting relative movement between the wheels 2, a central swivelling rear wheel 4 is carried by a swivelling column 5 supported in upper and lower bearings 6 on the chassis. As shown, the vehicle which is constructed as a motorized spraying-machine comprises a frame 1 and rearwardly-directed handles 8. Each freewheel device 9 comprises an annular driving member 10 carried by the axle and having cutout portions 13 and a member 11 secured to the wheel and carrying spring-loaded pawls 12, whereby the pawls 12 can be forced out of the portions 13 when the vehicle passes round a curve.