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Morning Charlie , no mine is different to yours , it has what I think is a JAP 350 sidevalve engine , it’s definately JAP , crankcase is stamped , and JAP embossed in the cast alloy cowling. It looks exactly the same engine as one fitted to one of the early Atco mowers , which had Atco-JAP embossed in the cowling.
I haven’t looked close enough yet to see if it’s actually a dry sump engine , as the oil appears to be in a resevoir built into the bottom of the crankcase , whereas yours has a seperate oil tank.
As for spark plugs , mine has an 18mm , I seem to recall that you said yours had a 22mm plug , Fordson N and E27N tractors had 22mm , so it may be worth you getting in touch with some vintage tractor boys.
It’s pouring with rain here today , so it will be a workshop day today , I’ll hopefully start work on the Emery.