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This is if any one is thinking of updating something with one of the Briggs & Stratton V twin Vanguard as have had over a year in getting one of those engines to run nearly as it should. I have one of the first now 23 year old V twin Vanguard Briggs that still runs as new and was made in Japan and few people know that, to start with the old engine seems to run on fumes and never seems to get hot, where as the new engine uses more petrol and gets very hot to such a extent it made a pretty good bird scarier if turned off. With my years of tune ears and observations said it was a Wrong’un. Symptoms were, engine oil got black black instantly and was drained by me and by them as smelt of petrol, loud harsh exhaust sound and got very hot almost instantly if ran flat out. Then if run at half to three quarter throttle sooted the left one plug with other burnt white if worked hard, If idled only short times would soot it left plug and on a cold start up would cause spitting until hot. So the a bit of a slog to get anywhere started, I got couldn’t find anything wrong and runs within PARAMETERS? and that to me says anything goes. Well engine been back twice, I think if had got it off the scrap heap would have sorted it myself, just before it went back second time again I did a simple test of removing a plug lead and fitted a spare plug so not to cause damage to ignition coil and ran it at half throttle this showed left cylinder played with the loss of the right cylinder and doing the same reversed the right cylinder was working hard, and just got some info from the US might have been the cause of cylinder difference but not the fuelling. Three weeks ago was sent a New engine, and isn’t a quick fix as has to be stripped of bits not required and built up with dual shaft drive and heat shield and back in the mower took 8hrs. Now I am not impressed the new engine is the complete opposite in that it runs very weak but is usable and with short runs isn’t going to cause issues. This is what was sent from the US, and what I say pluggs tells all, what do people think. photos of plugs the last ones I have never seen plugs burnt that clean or pink but there we will see.