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Flymo’s were sold under various names, the one you have in the picture is a Flymo Contractor 52, 52 coming from the cutting width of the blade.
The engine should be an Aspera 122cc long life heavy duty, air cooled, third-port induction, loop scavenged two-stroke.
The one you are showing dates from the earliest 1975 – 1981
The engine speed is fixed at 3,300rpm, the carb has a diaphragm with a fixed jet and primer, don’t go pocking any wire into those jets, as you will ruin the engine!
They were sold by the lorry load to Councils for use on banks, I can remember quite clearly the wheels were great for travelling site to site, but that frame always got in the way on steep banks, times many we attached ropes to them, sending them down steep banks then pulling them back up on the rope and at the end of the day having arms the length of Orangutans!