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The Steed had at least two different governors fitted; the earlier Mk2 Steed had an air vane governor and the later Mk2’s had a mechanical one fitted which drove off the magneto drive. Most have been removed over the years because they never really worked very well in the first place and you are better off adjusting the engine revs by hand with the hand throttle.

If you are determined to re-fit one to your Steed you will find that they are not available anywhere and you will have to make it from scratch. As a comparison, the Norton Big Four engine fitted to the two wheeled Trusty never had a governor throughout it’s production run and it was perfectly use-able.

The only information that I have is in the Trusty Steed Owner’s Manual which has a parts listing included. This shows the air vane type governor but it is very complicated with many small parts- you would have to size it up from the drawing. I will post a scan of the relevant page, but you can pick these books up from online auction sites every so often. There was one specialist publisher who reproduced the booklet as well- try Japonica Press if you need a copy.