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Hi all hope everyone is well. I have been using the motor triple and it’s going great apart from a broken chain which was soon replaced. I do however had an issue with the cutting heights. The middle unit is set at about 3/4 inch and on the 3rd notch but to get the same on the front units I’m almost at the end of travel on the adjusters meaning if I want to go higher I can’t. It seems that the front units are possibly leaning down at the front but I cat see anything obviously bent or worn. I remember using a later hydraulic triple and if the mower unit pins were bent it would cause the same issue but the motor triple has an A frame so unless it was twisted it shouldn’t happen. I checked the a frame with a spirit level and it seemed fairly true. I wonder if anyone knows of a common problem with these units and if they can be straightened.
Thanks for your help and advice
Best wishes William