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My machine was missing the mud scraper assembly which is sandwiched between the miller PTO drive shaft housing and miller cover. Fortunately the Charlie Moore Emporium of SIMAR Spares came to the rescue with a suitable replacement (Simar 0121). I made replacement springs (Simar 0122) for the scraper assembly. Even though the originals were perfectly usable, I decided to keep these for use as patterns should I ever need replacements. The scraper is held in place by a U-bolt (Simar 0123 & 4). I could not source an ‘off the shelf’ U-bolt of the correct size, so had a Blacksmith make it. The miller cover has a hinged casting at the front (Simar 0125), which sits on top of the scraper (Simar 0126). At the rear of the miller cover is the height adjustment bar (Simar 0127). Immediately below this is the depth regulating bar. Both retaining pins were Blacksmith made to dimensions supplied by Charlie taken from the drawing archive held at the Museum of English Rural Life, Reading. The rear dust boards were then hung from the miller cover (Simar 0128). The miller cover and both dust boards were also missing from my machine. The miller cover and upper dust board came from our very own club shop keeper, Steve Woollas. The lower dust cover was manufactured to dimensions once again supplied by Charlie from the MERL archives. I did have to compromise on the half round swage which was pressed into the outer edge of the original, similar to that which can be seen on the upper dust board. To have this panel pressed would have cost in the region of £350. The panel minus the swages cost £10!!!