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    I introduced myself yesterday and mentioned my Webb Witch mower. I got it out today and blew the spider webs out of it. I can’t decide whether to restore it or leave it original. I know they’re only original once. Here it is along with my Flymo. I had 4 other Flymos but they were stolen a few years ago. I have several other walk-behind and ride-on machines, but that’s for later posts.


    It can be difficult to decide whether to restore a machine or not. I’ve got both restored and un-restored, the deciding factor being how much work or replacement parts were required to get the machine into a working condition. If it was a major job then the entire machine was restored and re-painted.



    Seeing the Flymo reminded me, due to the lower handle shape, of a year when USA spec Flymos were sold in UK. Maybe 1981/82.? Not sure now why it was, maybe in a time of the company UK restructuring.?? The ones I recall had a different kind of plastic governor vane and a control knob on top of the cowl/tank.? So were quite different to the side choke/throttle we were used to. Assuming they had true Tecumseh engines, rather than the licence built Italian Aspera/Tecnamotor engines.



    Usually here in the US we can date them by a triangle shaped safety decal that is applied to all power equipment in the 70s-80s. The decal has info that includes the date, however that decal is missing from mine. Mine does have the Tecumseh two-cycle engine and I believe needs only a spring for the carb/governor to run. I plan to restore it eventually.
    I have looked for years for a blue Flymo, without success. I have been told that blue ones were never imported to the USA, possibly Canada. I’m not sure if that info is correct though.
    I talked to a local small engine dealer, now deceased, who told me that he once sold Flymos and after a year of no sales he saved only the Tecumseh parts that might fit other applications and hauled a large truckload of new Flymo parts to the landfill. Wish I had been there. I would have been glad to save him the trouble!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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