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    Hi all, I have recently purchased a trac grip mk3 daring from the 1950s. This is an unusual model as it has a salisbury back axle with land rover size wheels. I am having problems with the clutch not disengaging, I have replaced the cable and adjusted everything as much as i can (I have it up on axle stands at the min) with the hand brake on and clutch engaged I cant select a gear without stalling the engine. I am reluctant to drop it down and attempt a drive it because of this.
    The gearbox is albion model HEA I believe and the clutch has 3 plates. The plates go loose when I engage the clutch.
    It has been sitting out in the rain, can the cork friction pieces expand with moisture?

    Thanks for looking
    Regards Dan


    This is unusual as these boxes are very simple,would suggest you remove the drive chain from box to rear axle or do’s it drive front wheel as my wrigley, this will enable you to start engine if it still stall’s then it’s a problem inside the box if you go on google and put albion hea in it will show a parts diagram , if you can select each gear and disengage using clutch it may be rear axle problem or front wheel………..


    Thanks for the reply. It’s rwd going through a salisbury axle with 16″ wheels. There is no problem with the drive or gears engaging. I am struggling with getting the clutch to release/disengage. It is supposed to have a cover over the gearbox drive train but that was taken off by the previous owner so I think as it lives outside the clutch has been soaked. I think I will take it apart and give it a clean up and go from there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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