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    Good evening,

    Could anyone tell me the name of this style of retaining clip? They are used to retain the wheels on a couple of mowers I have, but am struggling to find them as I don’t know their name.

    Failing that if anyone could tell me where I could purchase them that would be appreciated too.

    I have attached a couple of images to help with the identification process.

    Thank you in advance.



    Like you I have struggled to find anything like it on good old Google, they must be out their somewhere!
    Perhaps if you post the make and model of the mower that they are fitted to we can find them on a parts list and go from there.

    Good hunting.


    The clips are off Hayter Hayterettes from the mid sixties. Normally I would not worry so much and just use circlips instead, but in this case the ‘hub caps’ are secured by fitting over the clips.

    Hayter stopped using this type of fixing and moved to nuts, when they moved to the single lever height adjustment in the early seventies.

    I had considered using Starlock fixings, the ones that have a plastic cap moulded around them, thus negating the need for the clip and the hub cap. But am once again struggling to source items of the right size in black from the UK. That is unless I want 4000 of them, in reality I would like 20 or so.

    Any help or thoughts appreciated!




    For what it’s worth, Hayter called them Twikclips pt no 2304. A quick Google is not helpful but time spent with an old Kelley’s Directory or similar may be.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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