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    When you are a member of the VHGMC you get third party insurance thrown in which is an excellent benefit for the shows. The website writeup says

    “Note: The insurance applies to members over 14 year of age. Insurance covers all machinery and equipment except ride-on machines and tractors which require road traffic act (RTA) insurance to be provided by the user.”

    At the moment the insurance does cover me but does a small garden tractor need RTA insurance for the shows (and hence a Coleby Shire) and if so are there and suggestions of where to go to get the insurance?


    As far as I know, if the machine was designed to be ridden on, eg a ride-on mower, you do need rta insurance to use it in a place where public have access (at a show/rally).
    I insured my ransomes mg2 with NFU, can’t remember the exact details, but it was a decent public liability cover, theft etc, for £60 for the year.


    That’s brilliant and something I can start to investigate in a bit more detail when the need arises. I assume that there are specialists dealing with vintage and very rare machines.

    I does surprise me a little if I’m honest since the MG2 and the Coleby Shire, along with so many machines of this period have absolutely no place on the road but I really appreciate the feedback and fully appreciate the need for adequate insurance at these events.


    The issues around insurance came about as a result of changes to the RTA and the designation of certain areas as ‘public places’ this includes shows and rally fields. The machine does not need to be registered, taxed or tested but does need RTA cover. Make sure the insurers know it is for shows and rallies and not for driving on the road. They will need a serial number of the machine so the insurance can be linked to tat particular machine.


    Thank you to both of you. This is very useful and provides excellent information to the uninitiated like me. I’ll ask all sorts of stupid questions but hopefully these will be useful to other members and general public alike.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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