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I feel that I ought to back Charlie up with this one. Yes, I agree with the idea that there should be an online calendar to publicise events so that we can co-ordinate our efforts, but what Charlie hasn’t pointed out is that somebody has to do the work (and it has normally been Charlie up to now).
Surely there is somebody out there that is willing to take this on in their spare time, especially as the dark cold nights are here and you don’t want to go out to the shed. And don’t forget that we also need an editor for The Cultivator- we still have had nobody come forward to offer their services.
This does remind me of the story of the Little Red Hen, when nobody would help her make a cake but everybody wanted to help her eat it. When a problem like this crops up we should all be asking ourselves what we could do to help, not trying to think of reasons why we can’t do something. It is, after all, OUR club.