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A couple of days in the workshop on the Emery , valves re-faced and re-seated , bore honed and cleaned , it now turns over quite nicely. Magneto sorted , nice blue spark , just waiting delivery on one or two very minor parts , and I see no reason why the engine shouldn’t be up and running quite soon
As for the worn rotor shaft issue , Emery’s engineering takes a bit of a dive , the rotor drive case is a sealed/welded unit , and doesn’t come apart , I’m only guessing that back in the day they offered service/exchange or even just brand new units . I looked at the chains and primary gearing , there is no bronze evident , so in went some 00 grade grease , after it settled a small leak was evident , but nothing severe enough to bother me.
Work in progress as they say , but all being well I hope to bring it to Weeley this year.