Garner 2-Wheeled Tractor Register


Between 1948 & 1955 Garner Mobile Equipment Limited, a subsidiary of Garner Motors of North Acton Road, London, England, produced a range of small, light, two and four wheeled tractors for the horticultural, market garden and small acreage markets.

The first tractor to be produced was a pedestrian controlled 2 Wheeled Tractor, simply know as the “Garner” tractor. Whilst being announced to the press in 1947, due to material shortages the first production tractor was not available until 1948. The tractor is powered by the J.A.P. Model 5 single cylinder petrol engine , with a Tractor Vaporising Oil (T.V.O.) variant of the engine being offered as an option at additional cost. Drive to the wheels is via a centrifugal clutch through a 3 speed and reverse gearbox and a differential unit, with final drive to the wheels via fully enclosed chains to the wheels, with independent brakes operating on the output shafts from the differential.

The 2 Wheeled tractor was available as either a “Standard” model for £139 & 15 shillings or a “De Luxe” model for £157. The difference being that the “De Luxe” model had a Power Take Off pulley working directly off the engine, wider and divisible steel spade lug wheels, adjustable track via axle extensions and a tool box. The tool box being a war surplus CAL. .30M1 ammunition box fixed the gear change tube. Pneumatic 6.00 x 22in wheels were offered as an optional extra for both tractors for an additional £5.

The serial numbers for the 2-wheeled tractors are usually to be found on a small brass plate fixed to the
front chassis cross member, and are usually prefixed with a “T”.

Production of all the tractors in the range ceased in 1955, with Garner having exported their tractors all over the world, and today both working and restored tractors are to be found throughout the British Isles, the Scandinavian countries, Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately the numbers of tractors produced is unknown as all the factory records have been lost.


The table below lists those tractors on the Garner Register where either the tractor serial number and or the original engine number is known. However over 120 Garner Tractors are listed on the register


For further technical or historical information or to add your Garner to the register please e-mail  or send an email to the club via the “Contacts” section.

Garner 2wheel Register

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  1. just picked up tractor T/1/178, engine No 5/C/86909/S
    john (jtg1)

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