• Carby is in soaking now, lve managed to get it all apart except for the tiny brass screw in the base next to the main jet standoff. All is very tight so hope no leakages. The needle was stuck in the seat, l got it out and hope it cleans up and seals. I looked around for kits but no success.
    The carby housing has number SC16 838E.5/50 stamped on it

  • Update, l have spark

    There was no continuity between points so gave them a good talking to and fixed that, set the points gap to 0.016” and now l have spark. Next is to clean the carby (it’s a mess)

  • Gidday mate, thanks for your input

    Reg’d No DW 02348

    Makes sense its a charge coil, l thought it must have been a trigger coil. With this new info, l will check points work correctly. I do suspect the spark coil has failed though.

    Photo of coil plate for review

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  • Gidday all from down under

    I have acquired a Mastiff30” to start rejuvenating my lawn (yep it’s big).
    (MAG engine not battery model)
    Unfortunately it’s not running atm. So far l have been unable to get spark. I have taken the mag off and had a bit of a look – all looks ok except for slight rub mark on HT coil.
    My first question is l have 4 wires…[Read more]