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    Growing up in the 1980s I have good memories of my dad pushing his jetstream up and down the garden every weekend. After it had become troublesome it was handed to me (I must have been 9 or 10) to learn about engines and generally take it apart to fix it. It was that first experience that hot me into restoring old cars and motorbikes as a hobby 30 years later.

    If anyone has an old jetstream I’d be interested to see it. Mowing with an electric mower is dull.


    The Jetstream was a very popular machine in it’s day. Impressively it was not just a UK machine but also sold across Europe and gained a ‘Best Buy’ award in 1975 by one of the consumer associations over there.

    According to magazine reports, as electric mowers became more popular through the 1970’s Qualcast decided to introduce an electric version of the Jetstream – whether it looked like it’s petrol powered brother I don’t know.

    Jetstreams do appear on auction site sometimes, in fact one has just sold for £75 which is similar figure to what it was new!


    I recall that the Jetstream name was used across more than one pressed steel chassis style. I am sure that the earlier model was also sold in blue, rather than the gold, possibly under a previous name.?



    Indeed there was two different pressed deck designs and both on sale at the same time too. One had a blue grass box, but you could well be right about the blue painted deck….as there was also an orange one too!

    There’s an image of both mowers and info on one of the VHGMC articles:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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