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    I cant get contact to Roatavator… He have not been here in one month..
    I tried to answer old chain, butit,s locked. I see my message, but dont know, if any other can see it..

    Anyway… many others may also have Honda F80 operating and workshop manuals.
    Any chance to get those… It would help so much with repairs.


    I have machine in Finland. Outside in very nice condition. and I assume, previous owner have lost spark.

    it was equipped 12v battery and 2 additional car coils has been added to machine.. However, there is still no any sparks. tried with new battery also. So maybe signal missing, when to give a spark.

    I like oldies and wish to get it work again with original electrics or as close as possible.

    Also link to Part stores or part suppliers?? … Any info if some late mode parts fit?


    Thank You for Activ People… I have almost complete manuals now.

    So what I am missing still  is SHOP MANUAL PAGES
    20, 27,28,29,30,31,32,34–> 61, 70, and 82–> (If there is any)

    So, if anyone know Where to get mainly electrical parts Magneto etc… (I think everything related ignition From magneto to sparks, Would be nice. Does F8100 parts fit? or from motorbike?



    Update happening… Missing
    MANUAL PAGES 18, 20, 55 , 70, 76,77,78,79,80,81 and 83–>


    Any help with Last missing pages? How much there is total pages on Shop manual? I can then make complete PDFfile from complete manual. Now all pages are separate JPG.
    I dont have anything after page 82

    btw… If one person is so nice to help others, with manual… Not very nice that someone else tries to make business with that.. (I was asked money from manual, what roatovator have send free to that person…)

    On my machine 1 coil missing, other I believe is broken… If there should be 2 One top, one at bottom.


    Hi Toni
    Very sorry I’ve only just seen this. I’ve sent you a scrappy series of links to all I have left of the manual, hopefully this will help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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