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    Hi Members,

    I collected this on Saturday.

    I was told it was a series 5

    Age unknown?

    Engine : Howard 810cc 2 Cylinder 4 stroke

    Any information would be a great help

    It does start and run but doesn’t go forwards and backwards yet !!

    Thanks in advance for any replies


    Welcome to the forum- it’s always good to see new faces (and machines!).

    There a quite a few of our club members who have Howard experience and so I’m sure that they will give you plenty of help and advice when the time comes. By the way- that looks like a well looked-after Gem that looks like it’s been cleaned down after every use. I wish they were all like that!

    Best of luck with it.


    The machine serial number should be stamped into top of tube that runs forward from gear levers to fuel tank.
    Lack of forward or reverse, have you checked to see if wheels are loose on axle? There is a slip clutch mechanism the pressure of which is controlled by a large spring and the big nut in centre of wheels.


    Evening Gents,

    thanks for the replies, I didn’t come back to the forum as I was waiting on an email alert to say there had been reply. this site obviously doesn’t do that.

    trusty220, Yes I thought it looked quite clean apart from a bit of oil and muck.

    Charlie, yes Im keen to find the number so I can date it “roughly”

    The plan is for it to be fully restored over the winter, I love classic machinery and have a lot of Ransomes mowers, nothing mega old 90s sort of stuff.

    So watch this space I will do a blog as well if you want I can post the link?
    Not sure if Im aloud a blog link on here so… you tell me..

    One of it tied up in one side of the van.

    Exhaust looks a bit sad, so if anyone is selling one message me or what ever you do on this site..

    Anyway speak soon


    If you want to do a blog about restoring the Gem your best option is to start a new post in the “Projects” section; there are plenty more in there and so you will be in good company.


    I already run a blog so a new subject is not a problem. Thanks anyway for the info.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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