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    does anybody know of yellow gang mowers— I used to work for college 1980s
    set of 5 trailed mowers use to hook up behind one another for road transport—frames were all yellow thanks martin


    It was quite usual for trailed gangs to hook up in that way; sometimes in reverse orientation so that in the absence of mechanical disengagement the cylinders were not driven during transport. As for yellow, I’ll leave that to someone else. Other clues that may help with identification are whether “ your” set did have disengagement levers on the wheel gearboxes and whether they were on rubber tyres or studded steel wheels.
    Common makes were Ransomes, Lloyds and Shanks ; and possibly others that I’ve forgotten about.


    they were in constant drve all the time even when you took them on road
    when mowing 2 across front 3 across back
    when on road they all went in single file you only could only go slow like pulling a snake
    next time in Harrogate might go see if there still there


    This has made me think of a photo, maybe in a brochure or even IOG show booklet..can I heck as find it…!
    Thinking maybe of the prof’ gangs once in the Atco range, were they yellow around the time of Wolseley Webb acquisition to match the rest of the prof range.??



    Martin have you thought they might be ex council yellow, at one time I had a yellow Howard Gem which was road registered (ex-council ? ) Dave


    good call suppose they could be


    just reminising the other night and somebody asked what sort of mower I was using narrowed it down to 1978 when I worked there but as you say could be atcos then painted


    Most of the mainstream gang mowers would have cylinders that would disengage and were all painted green in one shade or other.

    As you say, Ransomes, Lloyds, Shanks and Greens were the common makes and they may have painted them yellow to match the rest of the local authority fleet. We used to have to spray Ransomes 213D’s yellow for Coventry City Council in the 1980’s.

    Have you thought that with the yellow colouring they may have been Sisis- not many about and not certain how many were made but definitely a possibility.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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